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Applying GAN Latent Factors for Image Retrieval

GANs represent the state of the art in learning an image distribution for an image corpus. These models often use explicit mechanisms for learning factored representations for images over continuous embedding space. These are desirable features for image embeddings in the context of image retrieval. In this post, we explore applications of StyleGAN2 variants to the image retrieval task. StyleGAN2 By unsupervised approach, we train a StyleGAN2 model to generate theatrical posters from our image corpus....

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Deepfake Detection With NVIDIA TLT 3.0 and DeepStream SDK

Last year, over 2 thousand teams participated in Kaggle鈥檚 Deepfake detection video classification challenge. For this task, contestants were provided 470 GB of high resolution video and required to submit a notebook which predicts whether each sample video file has been deepfaked with a 9 hour run-time limit. Since most deepfake technology performs a faceswap, contestants concentrated around face detection and analysis. Beginning with face detection, contestants could develop an image classifier using the provided labels....

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Movie Trailer Similarity for Recommendation

Intro In a previous post, we discussed scraping a movie poster image corpus with genre labels from imdb and learning image similarity models using tensorflow. In this post, we extend this idea to recommend movie trailers based on audio-visual similarity. Data We started by scraping IMDB for movie trailers and their genre tags as labels. Using Scrapy, it is easy to build a text file of video links to then download with youtube-dl....

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Scraping Smarter with Content Filtering

Scrapy is a powerful web scraping framework and essential tool for building machine learning datasets. When a site has a particularly simple structure, scrapy makes it easy to get a spider running to build up a curated dataset. Check out the tutorials in scrapy鈥檚 documentation. For example, to train a poster similarity model, we first needed to gather many movie posters. Consider trying to scrape IMDb.com.We may be interested in gathering posters from <img> tags under <div> tags with the class "poster"....

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Movie Poster Similarity for Recommendation

This year marks a sharp increase in the use of streaming services. Many platforms use video posters as the main representation of content to watch. Naturally, the visual representation strongly influences a user鈥檚 propensity to watch the title. In fact, posters are designed to signal theme, genre and era. There are many theories on how poster elements can convey an emotion or capture attention. Netflix conducted a UX study, using eye tracking to find that 91% of titles are rejected after roughly 1 second of view time....

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